Innovative solutions in connecting qualified healthcare professionals with local employers.

Finding the Right Candidates for the Right Positions

We are a recruiting and job placement service aimed at developing and connecting qualified talent to local healthcare jobs.

Our end-to-end job training and qualification programs ensure your organization can access the right candidates, with the right skills for exactly the jobs you have open.

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Our Expertise

Your Success

Backed by higher education and workforce development experts with over 50 years of collective experience in this space, Education Integration Services is aimed at wholly disrupting education and job placement services for both workers and employers.

Workers want jobs. You need workers. Let’s make it easier to connect the dots.

Professional Development Pipeline with Proven Results

EIS strives to provide a multi-faceted recruitment service focused on finding and preparing interested candidates to be stand-out team members for our employer partner.

We meet our candidates where they are, in terms of skill level and learning style, and give them all of the tools they need to develop to where they want to be.

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Targeted Digital Recruitment

Our digital reach and expertise give us the ability to recruit qualified candidates through a recruitment process we’ll tailor to your exact specifications.

Pre-Employment Screening

We’ll screen and evaluate each new candidate, then create a tailored roadmap to get them ready to work.

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In-Depth Labs

Once they prove themselves in the traditional instruction, they’ll meet us for in-depth, hands-on lab sessions offered in their area.

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CampusEd® Integration

All Candidates will leverage our exclusive online platform, CampusEd®, where they’ll have the opportunity to certify that they’ve earned the skills you need to build your team.

We’re Meeting the Healthcare Worker Shortage Head-On

Education Integration Services works with several leading Pharmacies and Healthcare Systems to provide recruiting and skills validation services for candidates interested in working as Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Assistants, phlebotomists, and other front-line healthcare workers.

The demand for these front-line healthcare workers is significant. EIS is focused on meeting this need for our health system employers by providing a high-touch recruiting and professional development service.

We identify interested candidates and then provide them with resume writing, background checks, drug screenings, skills refresher reviews, and other pre-employment services required to get them Ready to Work.

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