We recruit, develop, and place top-tier healthcare talent.

Education Integration Services is the talent sourcing solution that helps medical employers maintain high performing teams.

Our recruitment and professional development process was created to successfully identify qualified candidates and validate their skills, with the goal of placing them in careers they’ll excel in. We’ve continually refined and improved that process over the years, making it into the one-of-a-kind, full-service solution it is today.

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We identify and recruit qualified candidates.

Our reach and digital expertise give us the ability to recruit and identify qualified candidates through a custom screening process we’ll tailor to your exact specifications. We’ll survey our existing candidates to see if we already have some in the process that would be a great fit for your team, as well as create targeted advertisements and job postings. From here, we will cultivate a broad pool of candidates that will begin working toward their new careers with your organization.

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We perform a comprehensive assessment and pre-employment screening.

All potential candidates are given a broad assessment designed to determine individual candidate commitment and motivation as well as measure reading comprehension, math, and technology aptitude skills so that we can determine whether students will be a good fit for your team.

We review their resumes and conduct a preliminary interview where we evaluate their work experience, educational background, and employability. We’ll then conduct drug screens, as well as background and reference checks.

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We review and validate the exact skills you need.

Candidates that pass our preliminary screening steps are given a skill review, where we evaluate their knowledge of medical industry best practices and the specific skills you need. We’ll use their evaluation results to create a comprehensive roadmap defining the steps they’ll need to take to be stand-out team members, then assist them in its execution.

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We facilitate local, in-depth labs where candidates refine their skills.

After candidates complete their online screening and review, they’ll be required to participate in in-depth, local labs designed to reinforce and validate their skills. Physical labs allow candidates to put their skills into action while being guided by one of our subject matter experts, giving them the confidence and real-world experience they’ll need to be immediate contributors to their new teams.

We bring employers and professionals together with an exclusive online platform.

Our exclusive platform, CampusEd®, brings our job candidates and employer partners together in an environment where candidates can showcase their achievements and skills. Recruiting on CampusEd® means you’ll have direct access to our broad pool of candidates. You’ll be able to quickly and easily search candidates by certifications earned, digital badges achieved, learning plan, location, workplace-ready classifications, and more!

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We place the right candidates with the right employers.

Once candidates have completed all entrance requirements and skill validation, they’ll be ready to start making a difference on your team!

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